BP recently published its annual Energy Outlook report, which, as the company describes it, outlines a “view of the likely path of global energy markets to 2035…[and] highlights the challenge of delivering energy supplies which are sustainable, secure and affordable.”  The bottom line in the report is that taking into account the trajectory of global demand for energy, predicted population growth and our current energy mix, by 2035 we won’t be anywhere near where the global warming alarmists tell us we must be with regard to CO2 emissions.  In other words, the gratuitously misguided, punitive efforts that liberals are taking today and that they have planned for the next couple of decades will do nothing to “stop global warming” and prevent the environmental near-apocalypse they are always railing about.

Republicans are continually ridiculed for denying the science of climate change, but Democrats are denying the science that proves the actions and costs they are imposing on us are doing nothing to solve the problem they say is so clear and present.  You can’t use science to support your idea of what the problem is and then deny science when it says your solutions won’t work.

Martin Wolf of the Financial Times wrote a smart piece outlining some of the key takeaways from the BP report. Quick quiz: How much of our energy supply currently comes from renewable sources?  The answer is 2.6 percent.  And if the Obama Democrats get their way, how much of our energy will come from renewable sources by 2035?  Just 6.7 percent.  As Wolf points out, the report’s authors note that “in 2035, emissions of CO2 are forecast to be 18 billion tons above levels suggested by the International Energy Agency’s ‘450 Scenario,’” which predicts dire, irreversible consequences for the planet in the form of a two degree Celsius increase in the average global temperature.

So the policies pursued by the left are not remedies at all. The left’s formula for solving their favorite problem is to impose trillion-dollar measures such as higher taxes, an artificial price for carbon and increased utility bills – but according to the facts in this study, these measures won’t do anything to prevent manmade global warming.

Obviously, the Democrats will likely dismiss this report because it is written by BP, but that is just another example of their hypocrisy.  They won’t accept scientific facts if they don’t come from pre-approved sources, and BP obviously doesn’t fit that bill. If Democrats don’t accept the findings in this study, they at least have to say what is wrong with it.

Instead of the pointless taxes and arbitrary carbon price formulas which, oh by the way, fit all too well into the left’s anti-growth and anti-development agenda, we need to work toward finding solutions that focus on mitigation and technology.  The political debate has to change.  The faster the Democrats stop pretending that raising Americans’ power bills is a solution, the faster we may get around to actually doing something productive.