One of the tasks of a political opinion writer is to make sense of absurdity. Or at least to hold a mirror up to said absurdity and the actors involved in it as a way of shaming all concerned. Case in point, Hillary Clinton’s Chipotle visit. I have been all side-eyes over the coverage about and analysis of the Democratic presidential candidate’s unannounced roll-up on Chipotle during her drive to Iowa last week. But I couldn’t figure out how to register all the things twirling around in my head. My friend Aaron Polkey nailed it in a post on his Facebook page entitled “Hillary Clinton’s Inconsequential Lunch Decision Matrix.”

– Quietly picks up food from Chipotle. Headline: Out-of-Touch Hillary Slinks into Chiptole [sic], Leaves No Tip, Ignores the Very Workers She Claims to Support (actual coverage of yesterday’s Sunday shows);
– Quietly picks up food from a Chipotle, leaves tip. Headline: Uber-Wealthy Hillary Leaves Pandering Tip at Chipotle, Something Most Regular People Do Not Do;
– Boisterously enters Chipotle, meets workers. Headline: Hillary Disrupts Chipotle in Transparent Political Stunt, Costs Business Thousands of Dollars in Lost Revenue;
– Caught eating somewhere other than Chipotle, but more expensive. Headline: Hillary Thinks She’s Too Good For Chipotle;
– Caught eating somewhere other than Chipotle, but less expensive. Headline: Hillary Panders to the Poor, Forces Herself to Eat Unhealthy Meal, Her Age, Diet, and Mental Health Called into Question.

Polkey concludes his matrix with #lethereat. Yes, let Clinton eat. Not everything she does is calculated or a poll-tested piece of political theater. Sometimes road-trip hunger makes the call of the burrito bowl irresistible, so I hear. I’m more of a McDonald’s kinda guy.

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