Far be it from me to defend the Clintons, but sometimes Republicans overreach in attacking them.  We make too many accusations about what the Clintons have been up to. Then, if one of those accusations strains credibility or is just plain incorrect, the Clintons can pivot and present themselves as victims.  One such example of where we should hold some of our fire is on the Clintons work for Haiti.

The Clinton’s long, personal history with Haiti is undeniable.  And the idea that they wanted to enrich themselves via any involvement in Haiti is kind of a joke.  There is almost no such thing as a sweetheart deal when it comes to markets like Haiti.  So the notion that Clinton favorites were given privileges there isn’t really plausible.  I’ve done a lot of business in underdeveloped markets around the world, and they require that investors be courted, coaxed and begged to participate.  It’s not like these investment opportunities are particularly compelling.  In fact, that Bill Clinton was about to cajole a few of his contacts into giving something a try in Haiti is actually to his credit.  As Jesus almost said, “Let he who has done anything to help an impoverished, basket-case, destitute country cast the first stone.”

Now, I don’t know what the real details are on Hillary Clinton’s brother’s involvement with a gold mine in Haiti, but if the Clintons wanted to pass out plums from friendly foreign governments, they certainly could have done so from a place wealthier than Haiti.

While I’m at it, a word about the Clinton Foundation. Its activities over the last several years – including its failures to disclose foreign contributors – reinforce everything we suspect about the Clinton Empire.  And the kerfuffle with George Stephanopoulos’s donations is another black eye for the Clinton Foundation, even indirectly. Why would he not have disclosed the donations he made to the foundation? Everyone knows he owes his career to the Clintons.  He gave them a nice contribution.  So what?  I think what this once again proves is that the Clintons–and those closest to them–have an instinct and a bias for deceit.  If there is a sneaky way to do something or a forthright way to do something, they tend to choose the sneaky way.

There is no doubt the various Clinton controversies will be the gift that keeps on giving in election 2016.  But you can bet the party is over at the Clinton Foundation. Former HHS Secretary and former University of Miami President Donna Shalala taking over as chief executive officer of the Clinton Foundation means the organization will be on the up and up from now on.  There is zero chance Secretary Shalala will let the place operate as a piggy bank, enable the Clintons to line their own pockets or let them hand out goodies to their cronies.  Remember, as a cabinet secretary, Donna Shalala called out President Clinton on his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Anyway, as I have said before, the Clintons have escaped the inescapable so many times that it makes Republicans a little crazy.  But Republicans shouldn’t make it any easier for the Clintons to escape blame by making half-cocked accusations and not thinking through the logic of what we are accusing them of doing.