Donald Trump should not be president. Why shouldn’t Donald Trump be president? Well, because he’s Donald Trump. And Donald Trump is too bombastic, arrogant and whatever to be president. Right? I mean, I’m a good Republican and we are all supposed to play along with his shtick, but no thinking person can really believe he could — or should — be president. Right? He isn’t qualified. Right? Well, qualified compared with whom? There is no question that Donald Trump is more qualified than the completely unaccomplished, inexperienced candidate Barack Obama who got elected in 2008. And let’s not kid ourselves: One way we measure success in the USA is by the dollar; and by that standard, he has been wildly successful. During his announcement yesterday, he even produced documents suggesting he is worth $9 billion. You don’t get that by being incompetent or delusional.

Anyway, so where does Trump really fit in the GOP presidential primaries? Bottom line: He definitely has a ceiling, probably no higher than the low double digits. He will undoubtedly have his moments. Trump will use some fun applause lines, bring supporters to their feet at party gatherings, always draw a crowd in the hospitality suites and maybe even have some breakthrough soundbites at the debates. But none of that will really build him a solid following or make him a seriously credible candidate.

The media will challenge the GOP field to declare they don’t take him seriously, but the fact is the other campaigns are probably a little afraid of the guy, especially after he reminded everybody in his speech yesterday that he is not going to hold back.  Nobody wants to be on the receiving end of a Trump put-down. Nobody wants to diminish themselves by suggesting he could be a good president, but no one wants to alienate him either.

How to handle The Donald is going to be part of every GOP campaign strategy meeting for the foreseeable future.  ‎