As the Black Lives Matter movement increases its profile, I am reminded of Occupy Wall Street. The Occupy Movement quickly swelled in size and garnered a lot of attention, then entered an awkward era where it couldn’t really think of what to do next. And beyond a retro, reminiscent-of-Woodstock destruction of some public parks, the Occupy Wall Street movement and its “We are the 99%” slogan didn’t go anywhere.

The Black Lives Matter movement appears to be louder and more pointed, but is perhaps even more aimless than Occupy. In fact, the Black Lives Matter protesters have contorted their message into a political statement meant to intimidate politicians from even acknowledging that “all lives matter.”  Democratic presidential candidate and former Governor Martin O’Malley actually felt he had to issue an apology for saying “all lives matter” when he was confronted by Black Lives Matter protesters at the Netroots Nation Conference earlier this August. Then, at a rally for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in Seattle just a few days ago, Black Lives Matter protesters actually took the microphone from Sanders to make demands that weren’t really clear. It was disruption for the sake of disruption. What’s Bernie Sanders supposed to do?  And Hillary Clinton, in true form, held a closed-door meeting with some of the Black Lives Matter protesters who tried to crash one of her events earlier this week. It’s toe-curling to watch her try to be an invisible candidate while running for president of the United States.

Anyway, if Black Lives Matter protesters are already disrupting Democratic candidates for president in their appearances across the country, it’s only a matter of time before they show up at GOP events. Republicans should not take the bait. The Black Lives Matter movement is misguided, much like Occupy Wall Street. Their dishonest, anti-police views belong exclusively in the Democratic Party. Gasp!  Yes, I said it. I won’t pretend their movement is anything more. Anyone who contorts their politics in a way that brings us to a state where saying “all lives matter” is wrong can no longer be considered legitimate. They are aggravating racial divisions rather than promoting coherent solutions and they have moved beyond the harmless, eye-rolling political correctness that permeates America’s liberal politics.

There isn’t a crime problem in America where less policing is the answer, and decriminalization in furtherance of having fewer criminals is a ridiculous notion. The GOP needs to be a reliable friend to law enforcement and a constant advocate for the victims of crime everywhere. Period.

While Trump fatigue is inevitable, at least Donald Trump is rallying some Republicans and providing some excitement. The summer squall of enthusiasm he has provoked has a potential upside for the GOP. But the confused and pointless anger of the Black Lives Matter crowd is a turn-off for the swing voters the Democrats will ultimately need in 2016, even though Democratic candidates won’t say so.