The insults Donald Trump hurled at GOP New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez at his rally in Albuquerque, N.Mex., on Tuesday night says a lot about his judgment, his temperament, his wisdom and his utter lack of discipline.  What made him think launching into a clumsy diatribe about a fellow Republican — and one who is an established star in a swing state, no less – was a good idea? What was he trying to accomplish? Does Trump think the way to get people on board is to insult them in public? Does he really think elected Republicans are his vassals?  Does he really think they need him more than he needs them?

Trump’s remarks have instantly become the insult heard around the party. Martinez is exactly what the Republican Party needs more of.  She is a popular female, Hispanic, conservative leader who is currently the chairwoman of the Republican Governors Association. She is not a GOP opponent, she is not a bothersome journalist, and she certainly shouldn’t be an enemy of Trump.

This Trump blunder will be harder for Republicans to forget than most of his other boneheaded remarks, simply because it reinforces so many of the concerns Republicans have about Trump. Just as something approaching calm in the Republican universe was beginning to emerge, we got another exploding cigar from Donald Trump. There is probably no more desirable surrogate who can shore up some of Trump’s weaknesses than Martinez.  It is probably safe to assume no proper public apology from Trump will be forthcoming, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she stayed on the sidelines for the duration of the campaign.

The Associated Press is reporting that Trump has now secured the delegates necessary to officially become the Republican nominee, which makes it all the more imperative that Trump start to act like a president and stop attacking his fellow Republicans.

Where are the adults in the Trump campaign? Who is going to stand up to Trump and tell him to stop his childish behavior?  Where is New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, the former Republican Governors Association chairman? Is he going to come to Martinez’s defense, as many other Republicans have done?  Does he have the cojones to jerk a knot in Trump’s chain and force him to see his behavior is self-destructive and idiotic? I’m beginning to worry that Trump will not let any adult peers emerge in his campaign, even though, more than most, he needs a voice of reason he will listen to.