It’s good news that Donald Trump is shaking up his campaign organization by firing Corey Lewandowski, in that it shows some awareness on his part that there is real trouble with his campaign. But as I wrote on June 6, the problems Trump has go beyond the usual remedy of “a campaign staff shake-up or a few new endorsements.” Unless Trump has all along been strictly adhering to lines spoon-fed to him by Lewandowski — such as insulting New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, dismissing U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel as a “Mexican,” calling a campaign rally attendee “my African American” and suggesting that U.S. soldiers stole money in Iraq, etc., etc. — getting rid of Lewandowski doesn’t fix Trump’s problem. The real problem with Trump isn’t just that he doesn’t have many fundamental campaign mechanisms in place; it’s what Trump believes and the offensive things he says that do nothing to help expand his appeal.

There will always be instances where campaign personnel disagree with one another and fight amongst themselves. Simply replacing Lewandowski won’t do anything to help the Trump campaign stop the slide if Trump does not have some kind of epiphany and come to realize that he is the root of his problems.

I think it will take the likes of leaders such as former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to help Trump develop a credible approach that he can carry through the general election. Unless Trump changes and begins to define a rational basis for his campaign, he will never have the legitimate appeal needed for a winning coalition.

So far, there is still no sign that Trump sees himself, what he thinks and how he expresses himself as the real problem.