UPDATE: The period for submissions is for now closed. Thank you to all who suggested ideas!

Are there local, national or global issues that you’d like to see The Post editorial board weigh in on? Topics that have been missing from our editorial column? We’d like to hear from you.

Please pitch us your idea, and briefly explain your reasoning. We will pick the most promising suggestions and ask readers to vote, and then we will report, write and publish an editorial on the winning topic.

We’re hoping your suggestions also will give us a database of story ideas — we won’t ignore the topics that don’t win the most votes.

All we need is your proposal, and an email address so we can contact you for follow-up questions. Your identity and email will be kept private.

Rules for submitting:

  • Check to make sure The Post has not recently written an editorial about this topic.
  • Be as specific as possible on who is being affected, and where, and explain why you think it is important.
  • Feel free to include links to stories or documents about the issue.
  • Please avoid profanity and epithets.
  • Remember you are pitching a topic and not a point of view.

We may use your submission in related Washington Post coverage online, in print or on social media. Full terms here. Thank you!