“We are trying to say to Secretary Clinton and the Clinton campaign, ‘Make it clear which side you are on,’ ” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) told CNN’s Jake Tapper yesterday when asked what would it take to win over his supporters. He’s got a lot of nerve.

Sanders got 3.7 million fewer votes than Hillary Clinton. He has 389 fewer pledged delegates than the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. The draft platform released over the weekend has many of his priorities, such as support for a $15 minimum wage, in it. The Democratic Socialist isn’t even a Democrat. He “joined” the party in his run for the presidency because “in terms of media coverage, you had to run within the Democratic Party.” Yet, Sanders continues to lecture unwavering Democrat Clinton and withhold an endorsement from his moribund presidential campaign while maintaining a secret service detail.

“I think, right now, what we are doing is trying to say to the Clinton campaign: ‘Stand up, be bolder than you have been,’ and then many of those voters in fact may come on board.” The latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows that 78 percent of Sanders supporters pick Clinton over Donald Trump. Her approval rating with those who felt the Bern is 45 percent (up seven percentage points over last month).

If anyone ought to “stand up, be bolder than you have been” it’s Sanders. He lost the race for the nomination. And he won platform planks from a party he views with contempt. So, “stand up, be bolder than you have been,” Sen. Sanders. Endorse Clinton already and exit the race.

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When asked on MSNBC June 24 if he would vote for rival Hillary Clinton, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders answers, "Yes." (Reuters)