Every president enters office with some baggage – from statements and positions that strained relationships with various voter groups to partisan views that alienated members of the other party to gaffes on the campaign trail that scuffed up a candidate’s reputation. But no one has ever been elected president who has been so hobbled by such festering wounds as Hillary Clinton would be if she is elected on Nov. 8.

If Clinton takes office, the scandals won’t come to a screeching halt. Nothing about the latest chapter of Clinton scandal lends itself to a tidy conclusion. There will always be a seepage of fresh emails; new revelations about some impropriety regarding the Clinton Foundation, Clinton donors, Clinton staff and the like; and reports of Bill Clinton saying or doing something compromising or otherwise inappropriate. There will never be a last email, a last allegation of pay to play or a last word written by a former Clinton insider. Nothing will stop the ooze of Clinton corruption, not even Hillary Clinton placing her hand on a Bible and swearing to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

If Clinton is elected, the White House will need to create a standing unit that is tasked with nothing but scandal control. The White House Office of Legislative Affairs will need extra personnel just to deal with the onslaught of subpoenas and testimony that Congress will try to compel to get to the bottom of a plethora of still-relevant and ever-evolving Clinton scandals. The FBI investigations will continue. Will Clinton be able to keep a straight face when she announces that Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch is staying on? How will Clinton be able to find an FBI director – considering James B. Comey is out – who will stick to the plan?

What happens when, in a change election, the change candidate doesn’t win? Where will the volcanic pressure that has been building throughout this election go? When will there be an eruption? How will the country as a whole react to a president who is so vastly unpopular, tainted by scandal and completely lacking any way to establish a clean slate or a fresh start?

If elected, Clinton would enter office as the weakest president ever, at a time when we need exactly the opposite, both at home and abroad.