Some problems are hard to solve. President Trump’s assertion that President Barack Obama was tapping his phones prior to the election is not one of them.

The media, of course, is dutifully reporting denials of Trump’s charges from Obama’s spokesman and sources in the intelligence community.

And, as expected, Trump supporters are jumping to his defense with the argument that the media eagerly takes the word of Trump’s critics whenever they attack him, but won’t — unfairly — give credence to what Trump has to say.

These denials, countercharges and partisan bickering about Trump’s assertion could go on for days.

Trump can settle the whole thing immediately.

Release the evidence that backs up the charge.

Assuming Trump didn’t make it up — such an explosive accusation against a president, if false, not only would be slanderous and defamatory, but would deserve national censure best expressed in a joint congressional resolution.

The nation needs to know definitively if Obama did the dastardly and unlawful deed Trump has accused him of performing.

The answer doesn’t require much think time from Trump.

As president, he not only has access to all of the intelligence and law enforcement information gathered by the federal government, including information gathered by surreptitious surveillance. He also — and here’s where his clout is clear — as the nation’s chief executive, and commander in chief, can authorize the release of U.S. government information that he wishes to release.

So, the president can, and should, back up his latest play on the nation’s attention and emotions.

Show us his hand.

Or he should do what any honorable public leader must do.

Does Trump have any clue what that means?