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Opinion The Democrats’ attacks on Sessions have become boring

Attorney General Jeff Sessions. (Melina Mara/The Washington Post)

The Democrats’ total lack of seriousness these days has been on full display as they take lazy, insulting potshots at Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The behavior suits them. When there is a revelation that someone uttered the word “Russia” or “Russian” in front of Sessions in the past 2½ years, they gasp. The Democrats and the usual suspects in the media express “surprise and concern.” In reality, it is just more deceit, because they are neither surprised nor concerned. And everybody knows it. The media coverage just confirms to voters that Democrats think they are stupid.

After Carter Page’s closed-door testimony yesterday, Democrats and their allies in the liberal media became dizzy with faux outrage, shock and “concern” that the topic of Russia – surprise, a major geopolitical power – may have actually been mentioned in then-Sen. Sessions’s presence and that he has had the gall to shrug and act like, “So what.” This is just another example of how hollow the left has become. Blah.

A lot of the recent noise and insincere accusations are emerging from the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, a dumping ground for shallow liberals who don’t have enough to do. Senate Democrats were friendly with Sessions when he was a colleague of theirs and they needed to rub shoulders with and cozy up to him. But now, Sessions is their perennial target.

Aided by a cooperative news media, liberals are peddling the idea that Sessions mischievously failed to mention conversations regarding Russia during his confirmation as attorney general. CNN’s Chris Cillizza even went so far as to suggest that “Jeff Sessions’ memory isn’t exactly stellar.” But by Democrats’ standards, any benign handshake or head nod Sessions may have had or made with a Russian is certainly a “meeting,” and any time he failed to recall someone saying “Russia” around him pretty much confirms “collusion.”

The Democrats’ mindless yammering may satisfy a few on the conspiratorial fringe, but it isn’t doing their own party any good. And knowing that Sessions has the patience of Job and is probably just rolling his eyes makes their superficial attacks that much more pointless. Sure, talking heads may get some airtime on CNN, but really, they are belittling the process and revealing that Democrats essentially have nothing to say. And everybody knows it. Republicans know it’s a joke, Democrats know it’s a joke, and voters know it, too. It’s just that from the voters’ perspective, the joke is yet another pointless game being played out in Washington at their expense.

After all, the most incredible display of recent “forgetfulness” — bordering on severe amnesia —  is that Democratic leadership, consultants and even the candidate all seemed not to remember that they had paid for the infamous dossier. For Clintonites and the Democratic Party to escape responsibility and suggest that they didn’t pay for it but rather that some law firms did is like saying you didn’t pay for dinner last night, American Express did. The law firm only did what it was told and only had the money thanks to Clintonites’ supplying it. Oh, and by the way, while we are at it, if we are going to talk amnesia, let’s remember there is no better case than good ol’ Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) who – despite painting himself as the Senate’s most pious, objective observer — famously forgot he was never in Vietnam. Hmm.

Anyway, I used to think the Democrats’ near-constant attacks were bad for Sessions, but now I think they are irrelevant. They are going to keep at it because they have nothing serious to say, but Democrats aren’t laying a glove on Sessions, and they aren’t making any significant contribution to government. The Democrats have become boring.