We asked Post readers to tell us the single best thing they thought President Trump had done since his election one year ago. Then, we invited everyone to vote on whether they agreed or disagreed. We’ve now put together the top ranking submissions from each category, as of Monday, Nov. 6. See what you and your fellow readers chose below, and check out all the responses here. (Voting was not the result of a scientific poll.)

The five best things Trump has done

5. Hired Jim Mattis as secretary of defense. He is an inspired choice, with a firm grasp of America’s role on the world stage. He feels like the one untouchable in the entire Cabinet. President Trump could never get away with tweeting mean things about him or otherwise disrespecting the man in any way. His gravitas is too strong. (2,313 votes) – Rick Kronberg, 45, Livingston, N.J.

4. Highlighted just how pro-business-class, pro-1 percent the GOP really is. He has also highlighted how complicit Republicans are in enabling American racism. President Trump put these things out in the open and dared them all to condemn it. They didn’t. (2,772 votes)  – Stephanie Fagnani, 42, Boston

3. Allowing a team of Afghani teen girls to enter the United States for an international engineering competition. (3,097 votes)  – Deborah Mantell, 43, Huntington Station, N.Y.

2. Fired Stephen Bannon. (3,452 votes) – Jack Rosberg, 69, Cundy’s Harbor, Maine

1. Firing Michael Flynn as national security adviser. (3,637 votes) – Cathy Carey, 64, Healdsburg, Calif.