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So much major news breaks every day that my colleagues and I are often left gasping, “Is it Friday yet?” Generally, no, not yet. The other common phrase is, “It’s only Thursday.” And so began our weekly Opinions roundup of everything that happens by the fourth day of the work week.

This week, sexual misconduct is rampant in the media and politics. But only one of the two institutions is holding men accountable.

The Republicans are high-fiving the rich with a tax proposal that seems to hurt the middle class.

And Trump gets scolded by the British prime minister for retweeting anti-Muslim videos.

We discuss all that and more on this week’s edition of The Washington Post Opinions roundup, “It’s Only Thursday.” Watch the entire conversation with fellow opinion writers Jo-Ann Armao and Ruth Marcus here:

It's Only Thursday: Sex, money and power

We're talking about Matt Lauer, a tax bill that seems to hurt the middle class and Trump's dark tweets about Muslims. All that and more, and It's Only Thursday.

Posted by Washington Post Opinions and Outlook on Thursday, November 30, 2017

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