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Opinion | Giuliani is gushing about Trump's hush money. Trump, Mueller and the media play 49 questions on Russia, while Trump prepares to make - or break - deals with North Korea and Iran. And rapper Kanye West takes to Twitter with explosive tweets that he says are just “free-thinking.” It’s Only Thursday, but this week, we’re going nuclear. Host Molly Roberts is joined by opinion writers Jonathan Capehart, Christine Emba and Christian Caryl.

Posted by Washington Post Opinions and Outlook on Thursday, May 3, 2018

SCROLL TO 25:00 TO WATCHOpinion writers Jonathan Capehart, Christian Caryl and Christine Emba join me on the weekly Post Opinions roundtable, “It’s Only Thursday.” 


Team Trump thinks he’s winning his showdown with Mueller. That’s dangerous.

Giuliani outs Trump: Did the president just admit to a campaign finance law violation?

Korea is built to be unsolvable

Kanye West, alt-right darling