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I expect Gruber's testimony and the follow-up coverage of tomorrow's House Oversight Committee hearing to be anti-climatic.

All the signs point to a bad election for the Democrats in November. But Republicans need to be sure-footed and lucky in these final weeks.

Republicans need to focus on jobs, the economy and Obamacare for the 2014 election.

If Democrats want to win in 2016, they should admit Obamacare's mistakes and ask voters for a second chance.

Republicans should not be dissuaded from making Obamacare and the Obama economy central to the 2014 elections.

The president is taking a gamble, but it is the member of his party who will have to pay the price if he loses.

It is underreported, but neither party seems to have a serious agenda for 2014. We might be in for a long period of nothing getting done in Washington.

Continuing from where I left off in the “Oh, By the Way” department, the Republican Party is probably better organized for next year’s election than at any time since 2004. Democratic operatives and their allies in the media will no doubt belittle and dismiss the staged presentations at the Republican National Committee (RNC) meeting underway […]

The longer term effect of the ObamaCare employer mandate delay could serve the White House policy and political interests more than the original schedule established by the law.

President Obama's speech at the Bradenburg Gate proved he has nothing to say. His underwhelming performance could hurt American power overseas.

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