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He's not pro-life, and his misogyny is doing the movement more harm than good.

Patients shouldn’t have to worry about their personal safety more than their health while waiting for care.

Republicans probably agree with Pope Francis on more issues than we disagree with him.

Well-established pro-life organizations won’t sit idly by if Senator Cruz - or any other Republican for that matter - wants to engage in theatrics and keep real progress from being made.

"I am not a scientist" could be extended to so many other policy areas.

Control over one's reproduction is a deeply affirmative value. It's time to assert it.

A counselor at a New Jersey women’s clinic filmed her abortion to try to clear up some of the lies about the impacts on women’s health of the procedure.

And that's very scary.

"We cannot insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptive methods" was just one answer of a remarkable new interview.

Trying to turn the 'war' on Democrats after recent scandals is an insult to Americans' intelligence – and to millions of US women.

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