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The Democrats should take the lion’s share of the blame for the proliferation of fake news.

Andrew Puzder is a job creator and entrepreneur — exactly the kind of person we need to run the Labor Department and strengthen our economy.

On this final day of the Obama presidency, one more trip down memory lane with those who had a front-row seat in a historic administration.

Four officials. Four perspectives. One message.

"It was at that moment he decided I need to do this and do this now.”

Grateful to this president for fighting for me, for us.

'I don't see how getting Syria to get rid of 1,300 tons of chemical weapons peacefully shows that we're weak.'

In a town famous for inflating egos and corrupting souls, she has never forgotten for whom she works.

A “President Trump” will erase everything they have accomplished.

Comey is in a difficult situation because he is surrounded by Clinton partisans.

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