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You read it here first, folks.

“The integrity of the Department of Justice is important.”

In case voters needed a reminder that the rules don't apply to the Clintons, the meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton should do the trick.

Clinton needs to deal with the circumstances of the race as they really are, not as she wants them to be.

The Democrats appear to be letting Hillary Clinton sleepwalk them into the doldrums of a campaign that will not be able to channel the emotions of the electorate.

In the attack ad duel, Jeb Bush defeats Donald Trump. And here's all you need to know about Sidney Blumenthal.

Her answers were downright Clinton-esque: that is, she denied the obvious and didn’t give an inch.

In reality, Hillary Clinton is a problem for Hillary Clinton; Bill Clinton doesn’t even make the list of her top five problems.

The biggest problem for Hillary Clinton isn’t the actual details of the e-mail scandal; it’s the fact that the scandal reinforces all of her negative stereotypes.

She is not doing anything to promote herself as a fresh new Democrat for the next era.

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