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But they show that the world shouldn't simply trust China -- or anyone else.

The numbers associated with the global warming crusade aren't settled, but the Democrats’ conclusions about global warming are settled.

"Hosing" the markets with money doesn’t fix the underlying imbalances.

President Obama is living in a world of denial. He uses global warming as a distraction, to dodge the real problems we face.

The passions unleashed for the past three months by students and others who want a say in their government can’t be re-corked.

Why would we send money we don't have to foreign lands to help them combat global warming?

As bad as President Obama's foreign policy has been, quitting now - or appearing to quit - would only make things worse.

Sending Michelle Obama to have a friendly encounter with the Chinese was as good a move as any the administration could make right now.

Both the West and Vladimir Putin will be weakened by this international crisis.

It's unlikely but not impossible.

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