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Chris Christie did Donald Trump a favor.

With the conclusion of last night’s 5th Republican primary debate, phase 1 of the 2016 GOP race is over.

The Donald is an inferno that thrives on oxygen and inaction.

He passionately makes the case for a new way of thinking.

It’s time for his campaign to break out the paddles.

There is no way to believe that hard-charging Christie was a sucker, a chump, a patsy unwittingly manipulated by his senior staff.

Republicans have long advocated the need to get government spending under control, eliminate fraud and waste and make tough decisions to secure America’s financial future – we’ve heard it all before.

Ranked in order of “wow!”

These are not poll numbers you want from the hometown crowd before you even get into the race.

Mitt Romney's rationale for potentially running for president is a very human one, but a very weak one politically.

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