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There is still widespread support for sensible measures to curb gun violence. All that's needed now is the political activism to match it.

Despite the slaughter of 20 innocents, a proposed ban on assault weapons was stripped out of a gun violence bill in the Senate.

What’s maddening about a major societal change is that it requires a series of big events to bring about the incremental change to advance a particular cause.

The massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., is what’s driving this new push “to get something done” on gun violence prevention.

2012was a year book-ended by tragedies that shocked the nation.

Readers respond to Henry Allen's argument that guns are symbols for America

A chill went through me when I read the opening vignette in Amy Gardner’s story about the struggles within the tea party group FreedomWorks.

Readers respond to Krauthammer's column on civil liberties and mass shootings

Wayne LaPierre’s lives in an alternate universe.

Readers respond to her column encouraging the formation of a "sanity PAC."

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