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Whatever you call it, his agenda doesn't address the country's challenge.

It's likely there will be a lot of talk at COP21 about the United States implementing measures that will be economically harmful - resulting in higher power bills for average Americans and less reliable energy – while other countries just make promises to think about making changes sometime in the future.

Clinton won the debate. And, if she and her opponents keep this up, she’s almost certainly going to win the nomination.

At home and abroad, President Obama’s quest for a legacy isn’t going so well. What does that mean for 2016?

The numbers associated with the global warming crusade aren't settled, but the Democrats’ conclusions about global warming are settled.

FBI Director James Comey has made two recent speeches where he warns us there is an emerging trend of police officers standing down or demonstrating reluctance to engage criminals because they are worried about sparking a situation similar to the riots in Ferguson, Mo., and Baltimore. Comey’s comments do not fit the Obama administration’s narrative […]

People have a reason to listen to the Democratic candidate now that he’s backed off his irresponsible pledge.

The next president is going to have to confront the realities of the overwhelming problems with Obamacare.

I couldn’t shake the view of Edwards as a little phony, a little head-strong and a little preachy.

The debate served only to make her a peerless stand-out in either party.

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