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The Democrats appear to be letting Hillary Clinton sleepwalk them into the doldrums of a campaign that will not be able to channel the emotions of the electorate.

And if voters start to refocus on the economy, combined with the anxiety about American foreign policy, Republicans will have a better than even chance to win the White House in 2016.

I really think a Donald Trump presidency would be something akin to the apocalypse.

It's likely there will be a lot of talk at COP21 about the United States implementing measures that will be economically harmful - resulting in higher power bills for average Americans and less reliable energy – while other countries just make promises to think about making changes sometime in the future.

Black unemployment was as high as 16.7 percent in 2011. Today it's 9.2 percent.

The biggest disconnect between the Republicans and Democrats is related to the economy and job growth.

The GOP plan for change has to be more than a series of panicked declarations that the sky is falling.

President Obama is living in a world of denial. He uses global warming as a distraction, to dodge the real problems we face.

Obama’s negative impact on the economy should be a lesson for the next president.

The president forcefully delivered a vision of where the nation needs to go.

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