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Andrew Puzder is a job creator and entrepreneur — exactly the kind of person we need to run the Labor Department and strengthen our economy.

The Trump administration doesn't have any problems that 4 percent growth won't solve.

We should be grateful that such successful people are willing to serve their country.

There is no doubt that Trump is going to be bold.

President Obama wants to spoon-feed his apologists a flattering picture of his tenure as president of the United States.

Donald Trump needs to continue talking about the economy and his serious plan to create jobs and boost GDP growth.

Donald Trump needs to start talking seriously about the economy.

Yesterday was a net-plus for Donald Trump, but it would still be better for his campaign if he would focus on the economy and stick to the issues that matter.

If Trump wants to wallow in the periphery of what a real campaign should be about, Clinton will meet him there and stay as long as he wants.

Support for the president is at all-time highs.

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