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The Washington Post

The Edward Snowden leaks were not wholly contemptible, unlike Edward Snowden himself.

His address Friday set several markers that may last far beyond his term of office

Will some of the president's key words and phrases on the NSA reforms be taken at face value, or will they be interpreted as "weasel words" that mean the surveillance on U.S. citizens will continue?

I suppose I could come around to supporting some sort of plea deal for the NSA leaker.

Taking a look at recent headlines, it's obvious that the Obama administration is incapable of guaranteeing the security of our personal and confidential information within the Obamacare system.

Ellsberg writes a very persuasive op-ed in The Post where he argues that Snowden “made the right call” to flee the country. But....

Flirting with Moscow is a credibility killer.

If Obama can't convince Russia, China, and Ecuador to extradite Edward Snowden, how can he convince them to join him in a global climate crusade?

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