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This is a bad omen for the Republicans.

She is not doing anything to promote herself as a fresh new Democrat for the next era.

The Democratic brand and what it means to be a Democrat should get a hard look after the party's six years in power.

Sen. Harry Reid made it a priority for the Democrats to make the Koch brothers the villains -- but his strategy backfired.

Rather than run away from or shun Obama, Democrats should have embraced his policies.

For folks who spend so much time listening to the American people they spend an awful lot of time ignoring them.

It is time for one of Washington’s favorite pastimes: finger-pointing, assigning blame and pursuing retribution.

The polls are closed. The people have spoken.

Perhaps the great rebuke of 2014 will convince Democrats that it is easier to just be yourself and hope for the best.

There were no signals that the president "gets it."

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