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Part of the Democrats' new message is essentially a call to allow more criminals to roam free. But what will happen if crime levels continue to increase?

If what happened in Baltimore and other cities in the United States happened in a foreign country, this is how the West would respond.

A chance to start to affect real change by electing a city council that reflects the demographics of the city and its values.

The Justice Dept. report on the shooting of Michael Brown forced me to deal with two uncomfortable truths.

The Ferguson mayor and half the city council are up for reelection in April.

This stunningly inept police chief should have been fired ages ago.

His recklessness shined a light on big problems that were studiously ignored.

For whatever reason, the media refuse to see a common thread in how modern-day Democrats behave in the political arena.

The protesters are the gorgeous mosaic of America and cut across every demographic.

'Officers a lot of times are seeing people on the worst day of their lives.'

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