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Maybe now it is time for President Obama to make some changes to his national security team.

At home and abroad, President Obama’s quest for a legacy isn’t going so well. What does that mean for 2016?

I still can’t figure out what his policy is.

GOP candidates need to give our adversaries a sense of what might be different under a Republican president in 2016.

Republicans should be reminding everyone that the two issues are tied together.

The Iran nuclear deal is a disaster. President Obama should have followed the path President Carter took with the Panama Canal Treaty.

The nuclear deal marks another milestone in his presidency.

Will she pay a price for her failures as secretary of state or for the overall erosion of America’s national security posture during her parties’ tenure?

The GOP plan for change has to be more than a series of panicked declarations that the sky is falling.

Given his personal heritage, it will be easy for his political ambitions to be dismissed as someone who is more like his father and less like someone who has broad enough appeal to be a major party nominee.

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