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Clinton and the Democrats need to get more specific in this campaign season about how their plans to adjust the global thermostat will not only improve the weather, but also what it will mean for everyone’s pocketbook.

Even though the president took a pass on launching into an immediate faux celebration about the COP 21 agreement, there is plenty of time for his climate change victory lap.

Talking about COP21 and the alleged "settled science" of climate change would just be off-message for the Republican presidential candidates.

It's likely there will be a lot of talk at COP21 about the United States implementing measures that will be economically harmful - resulting in higher power bills for average Americans and less reliable energy – while other countries just make promises to think about making changes sometime in the future.

At home and abroad, President Obama’s quest for a legacy isn’t going so well. What does that mean for 2016?

The numbers associated with the global warming crusade aren't settled, but the Democrats’ conclusions about global warming are settled.

The U.N.-sponsored festival lends itself to unrealistic giveaways and meaningless rhetoric -- the more self-righteous and pretentious, the better.

The Clean Power Plan is a Potemkin gesture by a spent presidency.

The left asserts that 100 million people will displaced by climate change by 2050 - and that the United States will need to take some of them in.

The rise of the Islamic State, the losses in Iraq and the splintering of Syria are a direct result of at least three key Obama decisions.

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