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The Washington Post

Since President Obama knows the gun control executive actions would not have prevented the shootings he uses as props, what exactly is he hoping to accomplish?

What he said before the tears that made case for action.

President Obama has become painfully irrelevant in the last year of his presidency, but Donald Trump's rhetoric is not helping the Republican Party in Election 2016.

FBI Director James Comey has made two recent speeches where he warns us there is an emerging trend of police officers standing down or demonstrating reluctance to engage criminals because they are worried about sparking a situation similar to the riots in Ferguson, Mo., and Baltimore. Comey’s comments do not fit the Obama administration’s narrative […]

Rather than encouraging people to line up to get more from the government, our political leadership should talk about how we can renew our civic partnership with one another.

The massacre in Newtown last December happened so quickly.

According to the New York Times, President Obama's ineffectiveness on issues ranging from Syria to health care is actually a "calculated presidential approach." Does anyone actually believe this?

New 3-D printers create plastic guns and human tissue

President Obama used the Sandy Hook families as props and lobbyists to try and fight a Washington legislative battle that was not their fight.

Blunt, unsparing and truthful words about the cowardice of the world's greatest deliberative body.

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