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The president tries to make guns safer.

What he said before the tears that made case for action.

Her lecturing on guns would be palatable were it not so baldly hypocritical.

Patients shouldn’t have to worry about their personal safety more than their health while waiting for care.

Slager wasn’t aiming at the paper silhouette of a man facing him. He was firing at the back of a real man running for his life.

His antics are even more chilling in the wake of the report on the school massacre in Newtown, Conn.

August 2013, particularly Aug. 29, was a phenomenal month for liberals who worry the president couldn’t care less about the issues they care about.

There is nothing surprising about the stark divisions revealed in the Quinnipiac poll showing 53 percent support for “stand your ground” laws.

The attorney general is smart to shift focus from the Zimmerman trial to the absurd laws behind it.

Unlike Aurora and Newtown — or the mass shootings in Tucson, Virginia Tech, Fort Hood or Oak Creek — there has been a near-national silence on the carnage in Santa Monica.

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