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The world is becoming more dangerous, and the 2016 campaign is hiding rather than illuminating the urgent challenges the next president will face.

The Iran nuclear deal is a disaster. President Obama should have followed the path President Carter took with the Panama Canal Treaty.

The nuclear deal marks another milestone in his presidency.

President Obama has painted America into a corner, leaving us with no viable options and therefore no alternative but to take the deal the Iranians have offered.

Iraq is not the only place in the Middle East that will demand the presidential candidates’ attention.

Hillary Clinton won’t be taken seriously if she suddenly expresses dissatisfaction with the major tenets of Obama’s foreign policy.

We don't want a complete breakdown with Iran or for the Iranians to begin running full-throttle for a nuclear bomb while President Obama is still in the White House.

"What Sen. Cotton did is a gross breach of discipline."

President Obama must reap what he has sown.

The Israeli leader's already-complicated trip to address a joint meeting of Congress has just become even more complicated.

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