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President Obama is giving a helping hand to one of the last and most brutal communist regimes in the world.

The media want to talk about the insults, the polls, the personalities and who doesn't like whom on the campaign trail -- not about the issues.

The Iowa caucuses are tonight, and it seems as though Donald Trump is closing in.

With the conclusion of last night’s 5th Republican primary debate, phase 1 of the 2016 GOP race is over.

The GOP campaigns are beginning to separate into two categories: those campaigns fueled by hope and optimism vs. those who think the ticket to the nomination is tapping into anger and fear.

Carried interest is a subtle issue, but it is an important one that could show some clear divide among the Republican presidential candidates.

In the case of Jeb Bush’s campaign, I think pundits are sounding the death knell too soon.

Before you fly off the handle, hear me out.

Bush’s attack ad is traditional warfare. Trump’s ad is guerrilla warfare. And considering the polls of late, the guerrillas are winning.

In the attack ad duel, Jeb Bush defeats Donald Trump. And here's all you need to know about Sidney Blumenthal.

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