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Messages show that lawyer Bruce Fein was angry about the way he had been treated by Paul and former Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli.

His address Friday set several markers that may last far beyond his term of office

Will some of the president's key words and phrases on the NSA reforms be taken at face value, or will they be interpreted as "weasel words" that mean the surveillance on U.S. citizens will continue?

I suppose I could come around to supporting some sort of plea deal for the NSA leaker.

If Iraq wants U.S. help, it should give Americans something in return.

The real reasons to wonder about how much good the president’s panel will do.

Maybe it was the upbeat mood of a man about to go on vacation, but President Obama seemed feistier than usual in making the case today for his policies on surveillance, health care and immigration reform. During his second term, Obama has sometimes seemed back on his heels in defending his policies against Republican attack, […]

Lawmakers weren't totally in the dark, or at least they shouldn't have been.

What happens once the government decides to open its vast database of phone records?

Ellsberg writes a very persuasive op-ed in The Post where he argues that Snowden “made the right call” to flee the country. But....

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