The Washington Post

Here are a few reasons that I tip my hat to Obama.

The issue of sanctuary cities is ripe for Republicans, if for no other reason than the Democrats’ position is so indefensible.

The Obamacare news shows how badly damaged our body politic has become.

The issues with Russia and Iran have far-reaching, dangerous implications.

President Obama wants to spoon-feed his apologists a flattering picture of his tenure as president of the United States.

The Trump campaign is portraying Hillary Clinton as untrustworthy, and the Clinton campaign is trying to paint Donald Trump as unhinged.

A lot of our country’s problems are because Obama deprived the economy of a lot of money.

Mr. President, it’s not about the Islamic State, it’s about you.

Apparently, Republicans aren't the only ones made a little crazy by the rise of Donald Trump.

Maybe Utah voters proved Trump can be stopped; and other countries don't think their relationship with America has grown stronger under President Obama.

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