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The Washington Post

Her answers were downright Clinton-esque: that is, she denied the obvious and didn’t give an inch.

No one should be wondering what went wrong with the Jeb Bush campaign just yet.

In reality, Hillary Clinton is a problem for Hillary Clinton; Bill Clinton doesn’t even make the list of her top five problems.

To be a serious presidential candidate, you have think of this as something new and raise your game.

Is Clinton really trying to seem reluctant; trying to position herself as the candidate who doesn't really want to run but will sacrifice herself for the good of our country?

It makes sense that voters will be in the market for the anti-Obama in 2016.

The president's speeches this week showed us that he has no intention of governing for the remainder of his term. He is still in campaign mode, and it's getting ugly.

Part of the New Jersey governor's allure was his cross-over appeal.

Obama is betwixt and between.

The relationship between the White House press corps and the administrations it covers needs to change.

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