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Given his personal heritage, it will be easy for his political ambitions to be dismissed as someone who is more like his father and less like someone who has broad enough appeal to be a major party nominee.

Sen. Paul needs to change the subject quickly, and the only way to do that is to stop doing such disastrous interviews.

Will Paul’s appeal be too narrow for him to ultimately win the Republican primaries with 50 percent of the vote?

As performances go, he delivered a masterful one. And while some of those words actually made sense, many did not.

As the invisible 2016 primary gets underway, a handful of signs will make the difference between true contenders and mere pretenders.

People who knew both Sen. Helms and President Reagan reacted harshly when I asked if Sen. Cruz reminded them of either Republican leader.

We need to learn from our mistakes in Iraq, not repeat them.

So many firsts and great things happened between Friday and Saturday that I needed yesterday to make sense of it all.

With its base growing grayer and whiter, while also shrinking as a percentage of the national vote, the Republican Party better start listening.

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