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Given President Bush 41's distaste for negative campaigns, I could see him considering casting a vote for Hillary Clinton.

If things don't get better in the presidential race, there could be a serious downdraft that will cost Republicans the Senate and maybe even the majority in the House.

The Brexit vote indicates that 2016 is going to be a change election.

Is the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency enough of a reason to support Trump?

Goldwater's crusade was always about more than just Goldwater.

In Thursday night's debate, we saw the billionaire developer's very weak foundation.

This race will go on for a long time.

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump should not be placed into the same category.

Remember, Donald Trump is not likely to be our nominee - and if he is, that is a problem for another day.

The link between the racist, populist appeal of Trump and segregationist George Wallace.

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