The Washington Post

Grateful to this president for fighting for me, for us.

We are in the middle of a raging storm and a new report shows how big and ominous it is.

"Barack Obama has done more for LGBTQ people than all of his predecessors put together."

Georgia is one of 28 states with no discrimination protection for LGBT people.

This is how cowardly and despicable the GOP-controlled leadership of North Carolina is.

"A growing complacency appears to be developing" among non-LGBT Americans.

Religious freedom laws and those targeting gender identity are being considered all over the country.

A disgustingly deceptive ad shows how far opponents of gay equality will go to stop it.

His secret meeting with the law-breaking Kim Davis stings.

By not rigidly defining family, Francis made it possible for same-sex families to see themselves and their faith as one rather than two distinct entities in conflict.

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