The Washington Post

Will she pay a price for her failures as secretary of state or for the overall erosion of America’s national security posture during her parties’ tenure?

No matter what she says, Clinton will be declared a big winner in the mainstream media.

The Clinton cult of personality has proven to be so strong that they can skate through where others, if faced with similar accusations, surely would be brought down.

Team Clinton decided it was time to talk, but the e-mail controversy is far from over.

In today's politics generally -- and with the Clintons specifically -- this is really just more of the same.

He may leave a strong legacy behind.

President Obama needs to pivot away from foreign policy to the pressing domestic issues we face, including Obamacare and the economy.

Three senators belittled her experience, questioned her competence and wondered about her temperament for a job that she was only rumored to be considered for.