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The president forcefully delivered a vision of where the nation needs to go.

All the clapping is a distraction that interrupts the concentration of anyone who is actually trying to listen.

The Republican Party knows it has a problem attracting a broader electorate. And yet it keeps doing things to make people question its sincerity about reaching out to new voters.

People disillusioned by the president might want to take a second look.

“What’s the definition of a thug? Really?” asked Richard Sherman last week.

President Obama's State of the Union address was more of the same liberal Democratic policies that kill jobs and stall economic growth.

The president needed to talk about how he messed up.

President Obama was long on warmth and mercifully short on wonkery. And he did this by weaving his call for a “year of action” on behalf of the American people with the stories of the American people.

Apparently none of the commentators who’ve been saying his presidency is on its last legs bothered to let him know.

Robertson’s presence adds to the carnival-like atmosphere now enveloping what should be a sober occasion.

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