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Why dredging up Biden's words on a hypothetical Supreme Court vacancy in 1992 is rather clever.

Judge Merrick Garland is a political prop for President Obama and the Democrats.

"This is just one further step in the grinding, steady spin downwards to the seventh level of hell."

Who in their right mind would subject themselves to a nomination that most likely won't go anywhere?

Sometimes noise is useful and serves an effective purpose and sometimes it's just noise.

"A growing complacency appears to be developing" among non-LGBT Americans.

The court has enabled voters to demand better. If we don't, it's on us.

A lot happened this week that illustrates how discouraging things really are in Washington.

In three majority opinions spanning 12 years, Justice Anthony Kennedy gave dignity to the lives of lesbians and gay men.

If the next president has a tall “R” next to his name, the pressure to undermine the ACA will be high.

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