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It's impossible for so-called special interests to take “no” for answer when nothing is proposed to demand such a response.

Donald Trump needs to continue talking about the economy and his serious plan to create jobs and boost GDP growth.

Donald Trump at least has the truth on his side: More of the same is undesirable.

You can bet that if Trump’s tax returns showed something flattering or if they were pristine, he would have already released them.

Carried interest is a subtle issue, but it is an important one that could show some clear divide among the Republican presidential candidates.

The GOP's silly war against the IRS.

President Obama is forthrightly against private business, for more taxes, more spending and more debt.

Americans do not want Democrats to use falling gasoline prices as an excuse to raise their taxes.

What will Democrats offer voters in 2016 that isn't just more of the same failed economic policies?

The average American worker, who is lucky enough to have a job, makes $3,600 less today in inflation-adjusted wages than he did in 2001.

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