The Washington Post

An ineffective and ridiculous response to terrorism.

If the public is duped by fake news or irritated by what news has become, it shares in the blame.

Hillary Clinton needs to prove to voters that she can have a visceral reaction to events that impact our country, and Donald Trump needs to prove he can temper his responses.

Is the Trump campaign on a trajectory that can't be altered?

Where were the calls for Obama's attention to and solidarity with Lebanon? Nigeria? Mali? Turkey?

Republicans are blocking actions that would undercut their attacks on Obama.

Turning a revolting question about Muslims on its head.

President Obama has become painfully irrelevant in the last year of his presidency, but Donald Trump's rhetoric is not helping the Republican Party in Election 2016.

The horror of Paris should be a wake-up call for Americans.

Sister Helen Prejean says the Boston bomber is 'remorseful.' Yeah, right.

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