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Ted Cruz's selection for vice president is unimpressive.

Will Donald Trump start acting more presidential?

What’s with all the sudden talk about nuclear weapons from Putin? Is he putting the world on notice?

President Obama has become painfully irrelevant in the last year of his presidency, but Donald Trump's rhetoric is not helping the Republican Party in Election 2016.

I really think a Donald Trump presidency would be something akin to the apocalypse.

Less than a year before the next presidential election, voters are pessimistic.

Talking about COP21 and the alleged "settled science" of climate change would just be off-message for the Republican presidential candidates.

At this point in Campaign 2016, the frontrunner has to be watching for the attacks to start in earnest.

The GOP campaigns are beginning to separate into two categories: those campaigns fueled by hope and optimism vs. those who think the ticket to the nomination is tapping into anger and fear.

It's likely there will be a lot of talk at COP21 about the United States implementing measures that will be economically harmful - resulting in higher power bills for average Americans and less reliable energy – while other countries just make promises to think about making changes sometime in the future.

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