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From false allegations against Obama to real accusations against Trump.

If Trump is willing to use Putin’s resources for his political gain today, what would stop him from reaching out to Putin once he became president?

The Russian leader is not someone to be admired.

GOP candidates need to give our adversaries a sense of what might be different under a Republican president in 2016.

As bad as Russia’s annexation of Crimea today after the people there voted Sunday to secede from Ukraine, it could get a whole lot worse.

Europe and America will not abide Vladimir Putin’s total disregard of the rule of the game.

Both the West and Vladimir Putin will be weakened by this international crisis.

The moves Putin is putting on LGBT Russians are more accurately described as unwanted advances.

Lesbians and gay men are not “sick people who need help.”

Russia's anti-gay laws are scary on paper. But, as Masha Gessen made plain, those laws are more frightening in reality.

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