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The Washington Post

Gary Byrne's forthcoming book is beyond the pale.

Obama and his Democratic allies aren’t trying to get things done -- they are trying to stoke the flames of polarization.

President Obama is giving a helping hand to one of the last and most brutal communist regimes in the world.

Our political system makes it virtually impossible for an independent to overcome the Electoral College to become president.

Since President Obama knows the gun control executive actions would not have prevented the shootings he uses as props, what exactly is he hoping to accomplish?

What’s with all the sudden talk about nuclear weapons from Putin? Is he putting the world on notice?

It's time to elect a president who will reintroduce competent leadership to the White House.

It’s hard to imagine that installing iron spikes on the White House fence is the best solution.

Why hasn’t the Republican message of commitment to Israel and a pro-growth economic agenda resonated better with Jewish voters?

The former Florida governor has rightly decided to be forthright about his presidential intentions.

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