If you don’t have anything to do on a Friday night, you’re in luck! Herman Cain, currently the most entertaining of the GOP presidential hopefuls, is a guest tonight on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Cain filmed his appearance on the CBS chat show yesterday, and CBS released a preview clip (watch below) in which Letterman talks with Cain about the pizza magnate’s pet issue.

“I mean I like it. It’s clever. ‘9-9-9’—it’s fun,” Letterman says of Cain’s catchily named tax plan.

“And it works! It works!” Cain insists.

“You should have some sort of toll-free number, Letterman quips. “You dial 9-9-9, you get a free pizza.”


The preview offers no hints about whether Cain and Letterman discuss the accusations of sexual harassment against Cain, or his recent stumbles on matters of foreign policy.

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