During his Tuesday press conference Herman Cain offered to take a lie detector test...if the need arose. Well, a local Atlanta TV station has given Cain just such a test and the Republican presidential candidate didn’t even have to show up.

Using advanced voice recognition software, an Atlanta private investigor analyzed Cain’s denials and found that his statements were accurate, and that accuser Sharon Bialek made inaccurate statements during her Monday press conference where she alleged that Cain groped her more than 12 years ago in a parked car.

The video is posted on a new Web site devoted entirely to Cain’s cause and called caintruth.com , which is paid for by the Cain campaign.

The site, which popped up recently, has only a few entries at this point, one of which is called: “Media obsessed with nonsense; the voters and I are not.” It’s unclear who exactly the “I” is as no author of the entry is listed.

The efforts are part of an online offensive by the Cain camp to survive the scandal threatening the candidate’s campaign. The effort includes paid ads to the Cain “truth” site whenever someone Googles terms linked to the scandal such as “Sharon Bialek” or “Herman Cain harassment.”

The paid ad reads “The Truth About Herman Cain — get past the allegations and lies” and ranks first in search results above news stories linked to the sexual harassment scandal. Click on it and and users are served up the caintruth site.

Although light on content, the site does include a link to donate funds. The Cain campaign reported Thursday that it had raised $9 million in six weeks.

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