Mitt Romney, who is tied with Newt Gingrich as the frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination, dropped by the “Late Show with David Letterman” Monday night to shed his staid reputation by reading a personalized top ten list entitled “The Top Ten things Mitt Romney would like to say to the American People.”

Romney didn’t escape some gentle mocking from the late-night host. When the GOP candidate appeared on stage in khakis and a navy blazer, Letterman asked, “How’d you do on the back nine?”

Romney gamely read all ten of the things he’d supposedly love to say to Americans, including number nine, “What’s up gangstas, it’s the M-i-double tizzle,” and number two, “Newt Gingrich, really?”

Learn the name of Romney’s new cologne and count down to number one with the GOP candidate in the video below.